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New and Future Releases

Category: Science Fiction

The Spiral Slayers - Book One: Encounters
By Rusty Williamson

At the zenith of the universe's expansion, self-aware life rise up for the answer to that eternal question: Why are we here? Read more

Available on Amazon Kindle in Aug 2012

Our Price $4.95

Category: Horror

By William Ron
When two serial killers at opposite ends of the country meet by chance on the Internet, a new kind of game is born. Read more

Our Price $7.50

Category: Sci-fi

By Rusty Williamson
So alien that if contact were to be made, we'd have to meet it half way. The alien had done its part, now its mankind's turn! Read more

Our Price $7.95

Category: Action/Adventure

Lethal Victory
By Ann Auther
When intelligence reports indicate that an old but unused German Submarine is sold on the back market to the remnants of a terrorist group out for revenge, a deadly game of cat and mouse begins in the Caribbean. While politicians and big oil money play games to discredit the threat and pull back the fleet, one submarine commander must go renegade to continue the hunt. With the newest and largest cruise ship defying orders to return to port and a category 4 storm zigzagging through the Islands, the terrorists, on their one-way mission, move in for revenge, the kill and a Lethal Victory. Read more

Our Price $7.50

Category: Children's Books

Mr. Littlefield and the Falling Foot
By Carol Bosher
The foot was falling… right on Mr. and Mrs. Ant's home! What could be done? Mr. Lizard told them nothing could be done but Mr. Littlefield wiggled his nose and said “We shall save your home anyway!” Read more

Our Price $15.00

Notice: All titles and story ideas are copyrighted by Rusty Williamson.
All rights reserved. William Ron and Carol Bosher the pen names of Rusty Williamson.