Virtualmedia Studios specializes in producing BookReels™: video previews for books created using state of the art 3D Animation. This includes ultra-realistic (life-like) productions as well as stylized/cartoon type BookReels™ for Children’s Books.

Different Types of BookReels™

Just as every book is different, each project will differ depending on the story, the budget, and expectations of the client. Types of BookReels™ range from 15 second teasers to full previews running 2 minutes or more.

BookReels™ are like small movies produced entirely on the computer. Most productions will contain the following elements:

  • The Publisher’s Logo
  • Virtual actors
  • Wardrobe and accessories
  • Character voices and dialog
  • Narration – vocal and/or textual
  • Sets, props, special effects and sound effects
  • Original musical score
  • Reviews and promotional material

The final media can target:

  • Web delivery in all standard formats and bandwidths for Internet book sellers
  • The ‘silver screen’ (NTSC or PAL) for monitors in brick and mortar bookstores and for television advertising

For more information on our types of BookReels™, click here.

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Production of a BookReel™ can include many elements. Virtualmedia Studios offers all the services needed for producing video book previews:

  • Full creation of the script or adaptation of existing material
  • Storyboard and animatic to provide a mock up of the final product for client approval
  • Custom character creation
  • Wardrobe creation
  • Voices for characters, narration and other vocal needs
  • Set and prop creation
  • Special effects such as explosions, fire and smoke, fog, water effects, etc.
  • Musical score and sound effects
  • Publisher logo development

Virtualmedia Studios works closely with the client to insure satisfaction with the end product. The production of a BookReel™ entails the following steps:

1. Review Project and Project Requirements
Virtualmedia Studios will meet with the client and discuss what the client would like to wind up with, what options are available and work towards a rough draft of what the book preview will contain. As soon as this is accomplished, Virtualmedia Studios will provide the client with a tentative estimate of how long the project will take and projected cost.

2. Project Concept Approval
Virtualmedia Studios will review the project and work out any unresolved details with the client. Virtualmedia Studios will identify what resources will be required for the project. Upon confirmation that the work can be done the project will be approved.

3. Storyboard Creation and Approval
A storyboard will be developed showing the scenes, shots, character dialogue, narration, and other elements of the preview. The story board will then be reviewed with the client for final approval.

4. Project Planning and Estimating
A project plan will be put together and the availability of resources and outside contractors will be confirmed. From this will emerge a firm estimate of what the project will cost and how long the project will take to complete.

5. Creation of Animatic (mock up of video) and Final Client Review
For larger productions, an animatic -- a mockup of the BookReel™ -- will be created using sketches from the storyboard. Sound effects as well as ideas for the musical score may also be included. The animatic provides a way to more clearly see what the final production will look like as well as check its timing and flow.

6. Production Phases with Progressive Client Approval
Virtualmedia Studios maintains a disciplined production process based on the Unified Process. The project progresses in phases which are divided into iterations. Each project iteration results in a completed portion of the project which is reviewed and approved by the client during the production process.

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