The types of BookReels™ that Virtualmedia Studios produces is as varied as the stories you find on the best seller list. The only thing every BookReels™ has in common: their ability to attract attention, create interest and, intellectually and emotionally charge the viewer with the desire to buy your book!

To meet the needs, goals and budgets of the publishing industry, Virtualmedia Studios provides a wide range of options for creating 3D animated BookReels™.

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Book Categories

A trailer can be made to promote almost any kind of book, however, this type of promotion works better for some book categories than others. Fictional books such as science-fiction, fantasy, children's books, crime drama, action-adventure and horror are the primary types of books that lend themselves to BookReels™.

A series that has the same main characters and even common sets and prompts is especially suited for BookReels™.

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Visual Styles

Virtualmedia Studios specializes in ultra realistic (lifelike) 3D animation. We also do cartoon and stylized animation.

Ultra Realistic

Our mainstay, ultra realism, is supported by Virtualmedia Studio's existing pool of ultra-realistic virtual actors who, like real actors, can be customized by changing skin parlor, eye color, hair styles, voice and wardrobe. We can also create custom made to order ultra-realistic characters.


This style is used for children's books and uses cartoon type characters and sets. The cartoon characters vary so widely that they must be custom made for each production.


This style of BookReels™ also looks like a cartoon but uses photo-realistic characters and sets – the characters and sets look realistic but would not be mistaken for real life. These are used for fantasy and children books.

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Content Styles

BookReels™ span a broad range of content type:


This is the standard ‘movie trailer' type of production with actors acting out parts and speaking dialog. This type of BookReels™ does it all.


This type of trailer uses only narration and props to tell the story. There are no characters or dialog. This style of trailer eliminates the need for character animation and recorded dialog.

Stock Based

This type of trailer uses only narration placed over arrangements of stock video is limited to what stock video is available. This style eliminates the need for 3D modeling, particle and other 3D effects and 3D animation.

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Other Options

Musical Score

Original arrangement
Virtualmedia Studios provides original arrangements of ‘loop based' music for trailer musical scores. This can provide a rich, varied and original arrangement of almost any type.

Stock Musical Scores
Also a wide variety of royalty-free music is available to select from. This will not be original and may be heard elsewhere.

Trailer Length

BookReels™ can range from 45 seconds to 2.5 minutes (the average length of a movie trailer).

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